Where to Begin?

A common question I’m sure we’ve all asked ourselves a time or two. Whether it be a family decision, a personal choice, or a life changing moment to which you feel yourself teetering on the edge. We’ve all been there. Literally on the brink yet we still ask ourselves that same question. We know something must be done, sooner rather than later, but where to begin?

There are several ways to help us pave this path and shed light on what needs to be done. From self help books, positive mantras and affirmations, to daily meditation. All very helpful strategies to assist us in finding our way but there’s one in particular I’d like to pay special attention to. Tiny Habits.

Often times we become so fixated on the end result and the big picture that our vision turns into an overgrown forest without even the slightest ray of light making it’s way through. Tiny habits allow us to hone in on those baby steps we often want to surpass and help create our own path through the underbrush. It’s those baby steps that prepare us for success and transform overwhelming behaviors into automatic responses.


BJ Fogg, the Director of the Persuasive Tech Lab at Stanford University and founder of Tiny Habits has already changed thousands of lives with his methodology. http://www.bjfogg.com His focus is simply this:

After I (existing habit),

I will (new tiny behavior).

Then Celebrate 🙂

For years I thought I needed motivation and motivation alone to instil change but that isn’t the case. It’s nearly impossible to be “on” all of the time. We’re humans, we’re filled with emotions, it’s only normal to have an off day here or there. It comes down to your ability to complete the behavior and ensure that it follows a current trigger or existing behavior. Here’s an example to give you some direction:

After I brush my teeth in the morning,

I will drink one cup of water.

I will then celebrate with my morning cup of coffee!

The above Tiny Habit aims to increase one’s fluid intake and sandwiches it between a current trigger or habit and a celebratory event. You could also celebrate by telling yourself how great you are or how much closer you are to reaching your daily goals! You can also build on this.  From something fairly simple as the above to quitting smoking or practicing self love.

I hope you’re feeling some sense of clarity and understand that it’s okay to start small. Maintenance takes time, persistence is key and patience really is a virtue. Hang in there! Change will come and it doesn’t matter where you begin but that you simply just begin.