Empowering You

to create the lifestyle you desire

Empowering You

to create the lifestyle you desire

You Are Worthy of Living an Abundant Life

and I would love to share how with you. I invite you to explore my website, get to know me a little, and schedule a free Lifestyle chat!

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Coaching Topics Included in Our Work Together

Wellness Education

We’ll work together to ensure you have all the information you need to confidently make your own decisions about what is best for your health journey. We’ll focus on bringing in new, healthy habits and work toward bridging the gap between where you are and where you aspire to be. By embracing a holistic approach, we’ll create an easy plan of action that encompasses all areas of wellbeing.

Mindset Shifting

Do you ever feel like you’re not in control of your life and everything is happening TO you? By learning and applying mindset strategies grounded in Cognitive Reflex Conditioning, you will love and accept yourself as you are, regardless of where you think you should be. You’ll break free from limiting beliefs, expand your mindset, embrace self-love, and shift your paradigm to experience limitless potential.

LifeStyle Coaching

Every life experience, every relationship you’ve been a part of, and every choice you’ve ever made is all a part of you. Your values and desires are your own; therefore, you have the power and the freedom to make your own purpose-aligned decisions surrounding your ideal lifestyle. My holistic approach to coaching helps navigate you along your journey while letting your intuition guide the way.

Energy Healing

Does the hustle and bustle of life have you feeling anxious and unable to settle your mind? Do you wake up feeling tired or lack energy in general? Reiki can assist in the body’s natural healing process by clearing energy blockages, aligning your chakras and uplifting your vibration so you can experience clarity and abundance in all areas of Life.

How it works

Step 1

Book your free lifestyle chat

Step 2

We chat and see how we can work together

Step 3

We start creating the lifestyle you desire

About Alli

Alli MacKenzie is a Lifestyle Liaison, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Life Coach, Cognitive Reflex Conditioning Practitioner, Motivational Speaker and passionate Mompreneur. 

She helps women break-free from the web of worry by shifting their mindset, uplifting their vibration, & simplifying the process of manifesting so they can make purpose-aligned decisions with confidence & see themselves through the eye of love without wasting energy on second-guessing daily choices and picking themselves apart.

Living in Calmar, AB., she offers online Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Reiki Healing Treatments, Reiki Practitioner Training, Wellness Workshops, and Motivational Speaking. She strongly believes in the power of Leading with Love and aspires to create a high vibrational ripple effect, radiating outward to touch the hearts of others.


Client Love

A few kind words from my wonderful clients

While receiving a Reiki Treatment from Alli, I felt heat around my head and surge of powerful energy at my chest that seemed to increase in strength as Alli worked her way down my Chakras.  I had pain in my back when the treatment first started that dissipated and lead to me feeling as though I was floating. When she placed her hands on my feet the powerful vibration I felt in my body intensified, so much that I felt a water wave-like motion rushing through from my head to my toes.

Crystal Vandenbosch

I received several treatments from Alli and all of them have felt differently.  My first one brought on a very rumbly stomach and I saw so many bright colors – purples, greens, and yellows.  One thing is for sure, I’ve always felt deeply relaxed, more so than I’ve ever experienced during a massage.

Sherry Kustra