Hypnotherapy is a heightened state of focussed, concentrated attention paired with the use of particular language patterns; both in alignment with a very specific purpose. Hypnosis on it’s own refers to an altered state of consciousness; a much more relaxed state of being, one in which we become more susceptible to suggestibility.

Many of us find ourselves asking the question, “can I actually be hypnotized?” The truth is, the majority of our population experiences hypnosis on a daily basis, including you! Whether you’re engulfed in a Netflix series, 10 chapters into your favorite novel; daydreaming while driving (highway hypnosis), and when practicing Reiki or meditating!

Hypnotherapy is a beautiful form of complementary and alternative medicine which allows us to quiet the conscious mind, that place where all of our active thinking occurs, and connect with the subconscious mind, the place where all of our beliefs about the World reside.

It’s when we connect with this piece of ourselves, the subconscious mind, that we truly begin to understand why we are who we are! The discoveries of this space open us up to extremely valuable forms of healing.

By utilizing specific language patterns while speaking to the subconscious mind, we have the ability to uncover the root of our life challenges while simultaneously creating new, empowering beliefs to support us in our desired life moving forward.

Not only are we installing new behavior programs, we’re also letting go, releasing, and healing from those initial events or moments in time that contributed to our present day discomforts. This process of gaining insight generally happens very quickly, (1-6 sessions) especially when compared to traditional talk therapy.

Hypnotherapy can transform us in a myriad of ways, including but not limited to:

– Attract happiness, joy, love, and wealth
– Alleviate pain (physical injury and psychosomatic)
– Embrace Self-discovery and explore your unique gifts
– Expand money mindset and attract financial abundance
– Increase Self-confidence, Self-worth, and Self-acceptance
– Curating an ideal reality and manifesting your heart’s desires
– Process and release heavy emotions like guilt, shame, and fear
– Dismantle unhealthy habits (smoking, overindulging, biting your nails)
– Explore previous incarnations and integrate life lessons with awareness
– Eliminate unsupportive behaviours (Self-sabotage, people pleasing, negative Self talk)

Since the subconscious mind records absolutely everything we experience, whether in a waking or sleeping state, this means it also records all events from all incarnations. This allows us to utilize Past Life Regressions to uncover the root of an issue, especially if we feel a pull or curiosity to explore this.

It’s important to note that you will never do or experience anything in or after a hypnotherapy session that you have not already agreed to experiencing. The details of your session are always discussed prior to going into hypnosis and Alli ensures that all of your needs are addressed. Your goals, intentions and outcomes are the focus, and she commits to your feelings of comfort and safety.

Alli specializes in the benefits approach to hypnotherapy, assisting you in establishing new, empowered beliefs and behaviors & manifesting your desires into reality.

Some of Alli’s Clients experience rapid results within 1 – 2 sessions, others may require 3 – 5 depending on the complexity of their challenge. It’s very much Client dependant and varies from person to person. When you’re ready and willing to embrace change, anything is possible!

For a first session, 2 hours is always recommended and you receive a take-home recording to listen to. Any follow-ups can be 1.5 hours in length.

2 hour session: $288
1.5 hour session: $222

Alli is a Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher, Akashic Records Reader, Certified Hypnotherapist, Soul Coach Practitioner, Professional Speaker; best-selling author, and a proud Momma to a beautiful 5 year old.

She offers Intuitive Akasha Readings, Intuitive Reiki Therapy, trains, certifies & mentors those looking to become Reiki Practitioners, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regressions, as well as 1-on-1 and group Spiritual Coaching/Programs, and professional speaking services. Her offerings are available both in-person, in Leduc, AB., and online.