Hack: The Road to Success is a Rocky One

  • You’re feeling good, you’ve set some amazing goals and you have a strategy for every single roadblock, you’re sure of it! But wait, something occurred that you weren’t prepared for. A speed bump that you just didn’t see. How could this happen?
  • Life happened. Even though you’ve mapped out each and every step, it’s absolutely normal to experience a few setbacks. It’s these experiences that show us whether or not the path we intended to travel is in fact the one we’re meant to. I’m sure we’ve all experienced that “fork in the road” at one time or another. Torn between right and left, or perhaps the road has disappeared completely and you’re wandering aimlessly trying to find your way again.
  • Well if you review any matrix that lists the Stages of Change, you’ll notice that experiencing setbacks is actually a very important course that we’ll all face at some point in our lives. It’s that moment where nagging temptation has overcome our willpower. You’ve given in to one of those old habits that you worked so hard to overcome. You’re feeling frustrated and maybe a little disappointed in yourself, all very normal feelings to accompany a very normal stride toward success.
  • It’s also important to know that you can and you WILL rebuild yourself. You have nowhere to move but forward from this point and with the right strategies you can do this with ease, I promise!
  • Identify what provoked temptation in the first place.Did you attend a gathering starving to which they served your favorite entrée that lead to overeating? Did you walk by the dessert table at the buffet even though you know you struggle with eating cake or pie responsibly? Determine exactly what triggers those old behaviours you once struggled with so you can avoid moments like these in the future.
  • Revisit your goals and write them down.Review those small changes you made at the very beginning of your journey. Remember, they worked! Whether tiny habits or SMART goals, make them visible and review on a daily basis.
  • Ask for help.Seeking additional guidance is by no means a sign of weakness; in fact it’s    the complete opposite. It’s taken me a number of years to figure this out myself. Not only will this benefit you immediately but think of all the amazing connections you’ll make that will continue to provide support along the way. With all that newfound knowledge you’ll be able to help others as well!
  • Stay positive.You will face some obstacles at some point or another and some of you      may experience a few more than others but focus on the positive in every situation. Start your journey with this understanding and believe in your soul that a setback is not a sign of failure. It means you’re taking chances, you’re learning more about yourself and what you need; you’re truly living.
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  • Lastly, remember that you are perfectly imperfect. Yes, you. From every wrinkle or stretchmark, to that crooked tooth peeking through your beautiful smile. Perfection is unachievable in all aspects of our lives. Instead, focus on being the absolute best version of you. Use that energy to goal set, strategize, give thanks; help others whenever you can, pay it forward, and you too will move forward on your rocky road to success.