Spiritual Soul Coaching

What exactly is Spiritual Soul Coaching? Well, let’s first talk Spirituality. This word carries many different meanings for all of us and it’s very important to note that it’s truly what you choose for it to be, no rules attached. Generally, this is a belief in being connected to something more.

We are all on very unique paths, experiencing different versions of Life and reality. When aligning with our hearts desires we begin to experience the World exactly as we choose to, with our own very individual set of beliefs.

From a Soul perspective, we are all infinite beings; our Souls eternal, gifted with temporary physical bodies. Many of us have lived numerous lifetimes before this one, and some life experiences aren’t even rooted in this galaxy!

Spiritual Soul Coaching is for you if you feel a gentle pull of curiosity guiding you to learn more about yourSelf.

As a Coach it’s Alli’s intention to assist you on this journey within, to reconnect you to your heart space and activate your process of remembering. Remembering your innate gifts, gaining confidence in honouring those pieces of yourSelf, getting clear on who you are and what aligns with your Soul-level Self; releasing what you’ve outgrown and rediscovering how powerful you truly are.

There are no accidents in life, only delicately orchestrated synchronicities. You’re here because you’re curious and you’re ready for more. You might not even know what “more” is but you feel called to explore it, isn’t that right?

With a decade in the coaching industry Alli has gained a multitude of skills and tools, all of which she utilizes in her coaching sessions. This includes but not limited to, energy healing techniques, Intuitive Reiki Therapy, Akashic Records, Oracle Cards, Hypnotherapy, Clairvoyance, Light Language, Chakra Balancing, Past Life Regressions, and Cognitive Reflex Conditioning.

There are so many beautiful components to experiencing Life as a human, what if we chose to create the most loving, joyful, and fulfilled experience for ourSelves? We’re all deserving of that. Especially you!

So, if you’re feeling called to lean into any of the elements below:

  • Self-love: Honouring and accepting all pieces of Self
  • Energy healing: Experience both Soul-level and physical healing
  • Access your imagination: Create from the pool of infinite potential
  • Clarity: Establish clear intentions and goals in your personal and professional life
  • Spiritual growth: Discover how to create your own personal Spiritual connection
  • Self-discovery: Explore current belief systems and repattern to support your needs
  • Energetic boundaries: Gain clarity on your values and learn how to communicate them
  • Intuitive development: Learn how you receive Intuitive messages and strengthen this ability by exploring the different clair senses
  • Self-confidence/competence: Unearth a deepened level of trust and discernment in your wisdom and abilities in your personal and professional life
  • Release & relearn: Let go of unsupportive beliefs, habits, and stories that have been keeping you stuck and move forward with ease and grace
  • Lean in: Explore what a Spiritual business could look like for you

Please schedule your free 20 Minute Spiritual Discovery Session to learn more and discover if you and Alli are an energetic match. When searching for a Coach it’s important that you always feel safe and comfortable.

Alli strongly believes in a Client-centred approach, meaning you’re the expert on you. She simply guides you and opens you up to new layers of wisdom that are already within you! Some of her primary values are: Kindness, Curiosity, Accountability, Authenticity, Integrity, and Discernment. Leading with love is her overall philosophy.

She will always assist you in co-creating exactly what you desire; empowering you to align with your heart while also being your eyes of reason when challenges surface.

If Alli can shift from a place of almost giving up on Life entirely to now living a Life rooted in Love, you absolutely can too. Anything is possible for you!

  • 1 hour mentorship session:
  • $111
  • Ideal for her Reiki Students/
  • 1 hour coaching session:
  • $144
  • Ideal for follow up coaching sessions
  • 3 month package:
  • $1800
  • ~ 12 hours of one on one sessions
  • 6 month package:
  • $3300
  • ~ 22 hours of one on one sessions

All coaching packages include: Added support outside of sessions via text/email/voice message and a combination of Coaching Strategies, Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, Akashic Records, and Intuitive Reiki Therapy.


Alli is a Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher, Akashic Records Reader, Hypnotherapist, Professional Speaker; best-selling author, team member of Renewed Resilience in Leduc, Alberta, and a proud Momma to a beautiful 5 year old.

She offers Intuitive Akasha Readings, Intuitive Reiki Therapy, trains and certifies those looking to become Reiki Practitioners, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regressions, as well as 1-on-1 and group Spiritual Coaching/Programs, and public speaking services.