Energy Healing

With 8 years of coaching experience Alli has invested thousands of intentional hours on her own personal development and that of her Beautiful Clients. Both her passion and dedication have helped hundreds of overwhelmed Moms all around the World experience less stress and more joy.

Dear Mom, do you find yourself struggling with:

  • An unsupportive mindset that feeds into stress and prevents you from feeling joy
  • A lack of healthy boundaries leading to energy drain and feelings of irritation
  • Repeating patterns of behavior that continually show up and derail you
  • Finding harmony between your career focus and home life
  • Feelings of anxiety, depression, and inner angst
  • Who you are and what you need
  • A lack of support or understanding from those around you, contributing to feelings of disconnect and overwhelm

“…I was having serious issues feeling “stuck” with my career and what I was wanting to accomplish. Alli shared guidance which was able to help me navigate my way past the road block.

I took her advice and since then watched how the road block started disappearing and just became a small speed bump. I am now moving slow with my dreams but I am totally in the right direction… “

~Allie Frank, Mompreneur, Owner of Strong AF Resistance Bands

Moms everywhere are wearing more hats than they ever have, thats why now more than ever, it’s important that we fill our love-jars so we can continue to serve others AND ourselves.

We find ourselves constantly giving to those we love, telling ourselves, “I’ll take care of Me along the way too,” but one day folds into the next and before we know it, we’re serving from an empty jar.

We take care of those we love with all our hearts, it’s time we give ourselves the same courtesy.

How does Alli’s Energy Healing Work?

Alli utilizes a diverse set of tools to assist you in better managing your energy, creating healthy boundaries in alignment with your soul, finding harmony amongst your many hats; establishing a happiness-state-of-mind, and learning how to communicate your needs with those you love, creating a foundation of support.

Hypnolinguistics and Cognitive Reflex Conditioning allow her to discover what thought patterns are contributing to your stress and establish new, empowering perspectives in alignment with a joy-filled -life.

Energy Work rooted in Reiki and the Akasha allow Alli to intuitively share Universal Guidance from the Cosmos and help you understand your unique, spiritual path. She attunes to the vibration of your chakras and determines which areas are out of alignment. As a clairvoyant, she visually sees messages and direction meant specifically for you.

Alli shares invaluable wisdom that teaches you how to live a life of joy and ease, instead of feeling like you’re always fighting the current.

All of her sessions are rooted in love and offer unlimited support throughout. Alli is here to guide you every step of the way.

All 60 minute Intuitive Akasha Readings (via zoom) also include 60 minutes of Reiki Therapy. Access an all-knowing higher dimension, a library of your soul, your past lives, and future possibilities.

During a session Alli connects to your soul record and shares wisdom from your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones. This knowledge will strengthen your connection to Self, help you to better understand recurring patterns in your life, and gain clarity on your “next steps,” moving forward.

I ask you, Dear Mom, are you ready to:

  • Understand yourself more deeply
  • Create healthy boundaries in alignment with your soul
  • Experience balance and harmony in all aspects of your life
  • Establish a mindset that encourages and cultivates joy, happiness, and ease
  • Connect and communicate with those you love, including yourself, from a place of grace, compassion and understanding
  • Embrace self-discovery and learn why you are the way you are, what past lives contribute to your current human experience and the infinite possibilities that reside in your future
  • Experience energetic healing of your body, mind, and soul so you can live wholeheartedly with love as your compass
  • Let feelings of anxiety, irritation, and overwhelm melt away as peace, joy, and contentment become your new ways of being
  • Move forward with ease and make choices with confidence and clarity

“Alli’s Intuitive Akasha Readings take you on a journey of a true understanding of yourself, and how your source connection is guiding you through your presence. What I loved most was how my goals of the reading were discussed in detail and how Alli made sure my questions were delivered with the utmost clarity. I strongly suggest if you’re seeking to learn more about yourself and how your past lives contribute to your current human experience, book in with Alli!”

~ Sarah Kustra