Client Love

“…I was having serious issues feeling “stuck” with my career and what I was wanting to accomplish. Alli shared guidance which was able to help me navigate my way past the road block.

I took her advice and since then watched how the road block started disappearing and just became a small speed bump. I am now moving slow with my dreams but I am totally in the right direction… “

~Allie Frank, Mompreneur, Owner of Strong AF Resistance Bands

“Over the years I have started to become more in-tune with the energy that surrounds me and which I carry myself. This drew me to Reiki and I developed a very strong curiosity about it. Alli, being the very warm soul that she is, gave me a sense of comfort, which allowed me to spread my wings and experience a session first-hand. I LOVED it! I left my session feeling grounded and open, light and energetic. As a whole – fabulous and unstoppable! Thank you, Alli, for the remarkable experience! “

~ Denina Robertson, Full-time Mom

“I’ve had a couple of Intuitive Reiki Therapy sessions with Alli now and loved them! She talks to you before she’s going to start and I feel like that really helps get you on the same channel to get the most out of your session. Her words after your session really help put it all into perspective, and she gives you the right tools to put to use. I felt more grounded and balanced each time and I will definitely, always, use this mode from her when I feel like I need it.”

~Laurie MacLennan, Full-time Mom

“Alli’s Intuitive Akasha Readings take you on a journey of a true understanding of yourself, and how your source connection is guiding you through your presence. What I loved most was how my goals of the reading were discussed in detail and how Alli made sure my questions were delivered with the utmost clarity. I strongly suggest if you’re seeking to learn more about yourself and how your past lives contribute to your current human experience, book in with Alli!”

~ Sarah Kustra, Makeup Artist

“I had the pleasure of sitting with Alli and receiving an Intuitive Akasha Reading. I was at a point in my life where I was at a crossroads and stuck. With Alli’s calmness and great communication, she was able to guide me and break down barriers I had put up. Everything that was said in the reading really resonated with me and opened my eyes to so much. I feel like a weight has been lifted and I am ready to grow and move forward.”

~Lindsey Van Laar, Mompreneur, Owner of Renewed Resilience

“I received an Intuitive Akasha Reading from Alli. I was feeling stuck and unsure how to move forward. Alli’s energy is so loving! She was able to help me see my blocks, where and when they originated and guide me in how to remove them. The reading completely resonated with me and I feel energized to do the work to shift and move forward. Thank you, Alli!”

~Sam Kirouac, Mompreneur, Owner of Crystalline Healing Work