Group Coaching

If you’ve been feeling the curious pull to connect more deeply to your Soul-level Self and discover how to truly live in Abundance, then here is your invitation!

You’re lovingly invited to join Alli in her upcoming Sacred Group Coaching Container. An 8 Week Online Group Coaching Program for Curious Souls!

Join others as you journey through the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success to fully embody Abundance in all facets of your Life. Enjoy experiential meditations, practical Spiritual strategies, Manifestation tools, Quantum shifting, group Hypnotherapy and more!

This transformative program is for the Curious Soul who knows they have much to share with the World but isn’t quite sure how to step into their full potential, or maybe they feel blocked in the process of trying to. You might have big ideas that come and go but you struggle to anchor them into reality. Perhaps you’re tired of working hard or maybe you aren’t quite sure how to start!

Either way, you’re ready to ditch the unsupportive beliefs and truly experience your version of success. Manifest with confident, inspired action in alignment with your Soul-level Self. Discover powerful, Spiritual tools to help you:

* Heal your heart
* Honour your truth
* Overcome barriers
* Discover your potential
* Shift your thought patterns
* Open your channel to receive
* Gain clarity on your Soul’s desires
* Increase your confidence in communicating
* Step out of lack and into an Abundant frequency
* Gift yourself permission to BE your Authentic Self
* Connect to and strengthen your Wealth Consciousness
* Learn to work & play easier with the Laws of the Universe
* Deepen your understanding of your personal Spiritual Connection

What could you feel both during and after this Sacred Coaching Container?

* Abundant AF ­čśë
* Rapid transformation
* Full of gratitude for your unique Life gifts
* Appreciative of your result-driven success
* Spiritually enlightened and Soulfully aware
* A deeper love for Self and those around you
* Excited and joyful for what you intentionally manifest
* A Soul-level contentment for living in your genuine nature
* Confident in expressing & honouring your authentic needs
* A reinvigorated passion to create within the field of potentiality
* Connected to other heart-centred Humans on a similar journey to you

* Receive a Complimentary One-on-One Spiritual Soul Coaching Session (30 Minutes)
* Experience 1 Extra Group Abundance Hypnotherapy Session
* Group chat to ask questions and share success amongst the group
* The first session is 2 hours in length (10:00AM – 12:00PM)
* Receive recordings of all sessions

Our Journey Together:

January 11 – Inception & Intention
January 18 – The Law of Pure Potentiality
January 25 – The Law of Giving & Receiving
February 1 – The Law of Karma
February 8 – The Law of Least Effort
February 15 – The Law of Intention & Desire
February 22 – The Law of Detachment
February 29 – The Law of Dharma
March 7 – Abundance Hypnosis & Closing Ceremony

Sessions occur via Zoom on Thursdays from 10:00AM to 11:30AM MST
* Recordings available for those who cannot make it LIVE
* Our next sacred container begins January 2025 (contact Alli to pre-register)

Energetic Exchange
Valued at $5555
You pay only $555

* Space is extremely limited for this Coaching Program, like all group experiences Alli facilitates, she prefers to keep them intimate.

Register by clicking here!
(Under Spiritual Soul Coaching, select Online Sacred Coaching Container, scroll to enrollment date of January 11th in the calendar)

Here’s what others are saying about Alli’s transformative programs and workshops:

“This was absolutely amazing. It has allowed me to feel within and do what aligns for myself. To know and connect with other like-minded Women makes me feel safe and connected.” ~Sophie


“Alli is so gifted and such an inspiration. I would encourage anyone, seeking any level of awareness, to attend her workshops.” ~ Candace


“This has been such an amazing experience. Not only is this such a warm and welcoming, safe space but Alli has opened up my heart and made me feel like I’m not alone.” ~ Jasmine


“I enjoyed the freedom and safe environment to release the heavy feelings without judgement. I enjoyed meeting Women with similar experiences and struggles, and I feel like I’ve changed after this experience. I feel more acceptance of my story, empowered to love myself and how to make small changes to continue moving forward in my journey.” ~ Sara