What is Spirituality?

If you head to google you’ll find a number of different descriptions and some may be tied to specific religions; however, I do believe there is ONE explanation that applies to ALL beings:

Spirituality is what you desire for it to be, and there are NO RULES.

When you feel called to explore exactly what this means to you, it will feel more like a journey rather than reaching a specific destination.

Whatever happens to propel you into this new expedition could feel like a gentle nudge of curiosity, or it could feel as though it literally cracks you open from the inside out; however it unfolds for you is exactly as your Soul chose for it to be.

When I first started practicing Spirituality, it felt like I suddenly stepped out of this zombie line, and when I looked back at all the others (eyes closed, following one after the other) it was a scary feeling a first. I remember thinking to myself, where are all the others who have stepped out of the line!?

But that’s the beauty of Spirituality, it’s all about energy! You then (automatically) become this magnet for others who’ve been awakened to their gifts and you start finding each other, almost serendipitously.

You’re introduced to this idea that you and everyone around you is connected to something more; whether that be God, Source, the Divine, Universal Consciousness, whichever word(s) resonate with you. But regardless, something MORE; a higher power.

I do believe, at the heart of any Spiritual practice, it is about being a kind human and this organically happens when we start visiting our hearts a little more. I call it leading with love; creating a loving ripple effect that radiates outward to touch the hearts of others, awakening them to this same frequency of kindness within.

You are even more than that, you’re a multidimensional, intuitive being guided by your Soul. Everyone on the planet. All of us. That means you, too. We all have this innate ability to tune into our own frequencies and then actually turn the dial to those channels we feel called to explore.

So when we start doing that again, actually believing (wholeheartedly) in our infinite potential…that’s when the magic happens.

When you’re kind, believe in yourself and what you’re actually capable of, and then pair that with the power of intention; honoring your role as a conscious co-creator, that’s when you truly become unstoppable in your Spiritual pursuits.

And just like your Soul is in a constant state of growth and evolution, as is your Spiritual practice. New layers present themselves as old ones fade away.

You might even find yourself saying, “I don’t even know what I know anymore!” This is all very much part of the process. Your physical Self just needs a little extra time to catch up to the energetic changes you experience, a process of alchemization.

So, if all of this Spirituality Talk is new to you, I encourage you to follow that curious nudge, be gentle with yourself and have fun along the way!

Some elements you learn will align perfectly with your heart and others might not fit. Utilize your power of discernment when exploring and remember; Spirituality is a very personal practice, it is what you choose for it to be!

Infinite love to you,
Alli M.

Alli MacKenzie helps the Spiritually curious connect with their Soul-level Self, awaken to their innate gifts, understand Spirituality, Self-heal, and gain clarity through their power of discernment.

Alli is a Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher, Akashic Records Reader, Inspirational Speaker; best-selling author, team member of Renewed Resilience in Leduc, AB., and a proud Momma to a beautiful 4 year old.

Alli has been featured on bLU Talks stages, spoken at Harvard University, and a number of other influential speaking platforms.

She’s the published author of a Spiritual Children’s series with titles, “Robbie the Robot Steals the Moon,” and “Robbie the Robot Hugs the Stars.” She’s also the Best Selling Author of “bLU Talks: Business Life and the Universe, V1”.

Alli strongly believes in the power of Leading with Love and aspires to create a high vibrational ripple effect, radiating outward to touch the hearts of others.

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