Spring Clean(s)ing: Day 2 & 3

A very different experience from day 1, that’s for sure! Read on for the good, the bad, and the ugly!

The Ugly

Lets start with the not so pretty stuff.   Poop. I know, I know; to any of the men reading this, women don’t do that, not ever. Yah right! We’re all human beings, and when we eat it’s only natural that we expel waste. By waste, I mean fiber, bacteria, excess water, and metabolized bile.

Oh, and incase you didn’t know, bile, secreted by the liver, stored in the gallbladder and used to break down fats during the process of digestion is also the key component (when metabolized) that makes our poop brown! Without it, our feces friends would be greyish in color. How weird would that be?


Anyway, my trips to the commode were consistent to say the least. My advice to you; ensure a lavatory is in close proximity at ALL times. Like dealing with a pesky fly in the late fall, you want to have that swatter on standby.

The Bad

The points I’m about to make really aren’t all that “bad;” however, maybe a little annoying. I missed chewing! This really kicked in around the late morning of Day 2. I just wanted to sink my teeth into a hearty bowl of spaghetti. CARBS! My body was yelling, “give me pasta please,” but I kindly declined.

Day 3 presented the same desire to chew but now with an associated craving for protein! All I could think of was a big, juicy, beef patty. My psyche threw a bit of a pity party but I also declined that invitation. This day was probably the hardest, and not because I felt “hungry,” or hangry but because my “appetite” was hard at work.


Let me briefly explain the two. Hunger is a need to eat. It can be an uncomfortable feeling sometimes associated with weakness, caused by an insufficient amount of food. It’s a physical reaction that can be due to low levels of glucose in our blood stream. Appetite; however, is a feeling of wanting to eat regardless of whether or not we’re comfortably full. It’s a psychological reaction often brought on by the sight or smell of food.

I didn’t exercise during my Cleanse aside from a few 20-minute walks with my beagle buddy, Bentley. If I implemented more strenuous workouts, I definitely would have felt the wrath of hunger pangs. It’s best to let your body rest during this time and let the juices do all the work.

The Good

Okay, now for the good stuff, I mean really great stuff! After Day 3, I felt a sense of lightness. My bloating had totally subsided and my mind cleared of any fogginess I felt prior.   I also felt a sense of achievement, knowing that with commitment and discipline, I gave my body what it needed; a break. Going forward, I feel motivated to continue fueling my body with nutrient dense food, colorful fruits and veggies, fiber rich grains, and lean proteins. I will absolutely do another cleanse in the near future. In fact, it’s something I’ll plan to do every 4 months. Like any other responsibility in life, write it down or put a reminder in your phone so it becomes something you plan for and look forward to. I know I am!


A Few Other Notes to Mention

  • Plan ahead by purchasing all vegetables required for your daily salad
  • Load up on lemons (I used 3/day)
  • Prepare for each day by grabbing all required juices in the morning
  • Remember to hydrate
  • Remove tempting foods from your refrigerator or pantry
  • Schedule your cleanse during a few days you know will be activity/event free
  • Enjoy the process!

I’m so thankful to Glow Juicery Leduc for providing such delicious and nutritious juices that made this 3-Day Beginner cleanse so enjoyable! To those of you looking to make a few healthy changes, perhaps this is a great place to start. If 3 days seems overwhelming, try 2, or even 1. We all have to start somewhere. I guarantee you, that you’ll feel refreshed and motivated to carry your efforts forward.

Feel free to drop-in to the Leduc location and the friendly Glow staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Or feel free to drop me a line via my Let’s Chat page. I’d love to hear from you!