Spiritual Awakening: 7 Undeniable Signs

What the heck is a Spiritual Awakening, you ask? It’s a new beginning.

It provides an enlightened view of Life that stretches well beyond the confines of your ego and allows you to positively shift your perspective. You begin to see the World through new eyes, like a baby entering the World for the first time, you too rediscover yourself and awaken your Spirit.

A Spiritual Awakening is a very beautiful, empowering, and natural process, it’s part of our Soulful evolution; however, it can also feel messy, chaotic, confusing and disconcerting. I speak from personal experience!

My Spiritual Awakening occurred after the birth of our son, when my postpartum depression was at its peak. It was a very dark time for me and I believe I reached a point where subconsciously, my Soul was literally screaming for help.

It was on this very dark day that I reconnected with my Soul and tapped into my personal power source: a source we all have access to. This moment in time showed me that up until THAT point, I hadn’t truly been Living. I was floating aimlessly. Focusing on the ‘shoulds,’ people pleasing, doing, doing, and doing some more, always busy but never productive. Never focusing on what I actually needed, wanted, or desired to feel fulfilled in this Lifetime.

Do you need to experience trauma in order to enter into a Spiritual Awakening? Absolutely not. By curiously exploring and actively pursuing your passions, you too will eventually be led down this path.

Here are 7 signs of a Spiritual Awakening:

1.You feel deeply lost and disconnected from who you are and the Life you’ve been Living.

2.You crave isolation to communicate with your Higher Self.

3.You feel a newfound readiness to heal.

4.You yearn for purpose in your Life.

5.You see beyond your ego and the ‘rules’ of society; nothing makes sense anymore.

6.You feel curious about connecting to a higher power.

7.You realize you’re interconnected with ALL (not above, nor below).

While navigating your journey and your awakening of Self, I encourage you to reach out to a local energy therapist to assist you in making sense of what you’re experiencing. Intuitive Reiki Therapy & Akashic Record readings are a wonderful way of connecting to your Soul-level Self and bringing peace into your process of ascension.

Know this: You are not alone. Hundreds and thousands of people either have experienced what you are or they are currently going through it with you.

Infinite love to you,
Alli M.

Alli MacKenzie helps the Spiritually curious connect with their Soul-level Self, awaken to their innate gifts, understand Spirituality, Self-heal, and gain clarity through their power of discernment.

Alli is a Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher, Akashic Records Reader, Inspirational Speaker; best-selling author, team member of Renewed Resilience in Leduc, AB., and a proud Momma to a beautiful 4 year old.

Alli has been featured on bLU Talks stages, spoken at Harvard University, and a number of other influential speaking platforms.

She’s the published author of a Spiritual Children’s series with titles, “Robbie the Robot Steals the Moon,” and “Robbie the Robot Hugs the Stars.” She’s also the Best Selling Author of “bLU Talks: Business Life and the Universe, V1”.

Alli strongly believes in the power of Leading with Love and aspires to create a high vibrational ripple effect, radiating outward to touch the hearts of others.

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