Hypnotic Journey

Join Alli as you venture into the depths of your imagination. An incredibly healing and transformative experience, pairing together the powers of Hypnosis, Visualzation, Energy Healing, Light Language, New Moon vibrations and Salt Therapy.

Each Hypnotic Journey will encompass it’s own particular theme. Our upcoming session is tailored to ALIGNMENT. Connecting your Galactic Roots to those of Mother Gaia, strengthening your Soul-level connection in this Life.

This is very much an intentional experience. Setting clear intentions prior to our energetic travels is a powerful practice that deepens our healing experience. The words we speak and feelings we embody act as a catalyst for alchemizing energy.

Soul healing is absolutely possible for all of us. By establishing an intentional energetic container along with channelling group Reiki and Light Language Activations, we’re supporting the Soul in making space, clearing that which is no longer serving it’s highest and greatest good.

Hypnosis is a fantastic tool for calming our nervous system, decreasing feelings of anxiety, and shifting unsupportive thought patterns to those in alignment with our conscious needs and Soul-level requirements.

Our Moon brings to our attention the pieces of Self that require our attention. As it waxes and wanes, it reminds us that we too navigate this beautiful Life through phases. The New Moon, when it is darkest in the sky, symbolizes new beginnings, the conception of manifestations, and the potential for change.

Salt Therapy has been recognized since the 1800’s. Many people experience strengthened immunity, increases in respiratory health, and detoxification of your skin. “This unique sanctuary is not just a room; it’s a holistic experience, enveloped in the pure, healing embrace of ethically sourced Himalayan salt.” ~Sole Nordic Spa

Our next upcoming Hypnotic Journey is Sunday, April 7th, 10AM – 11:30AM in the Salt Haven at Sole Nordic Spa in Leduc, AB, Canada.

The energetic exchange for this transformative experience is $55.

Hypnotic Journeys are a beautiful way to support the needs of your Soul-level Self. Experience the warm embrace of the Salt Haven while you journey into Spiritual realms, transmuting barriers and opening up to Universal wisdom. Surrender to your power.