Helping You Lean Into Resistance

Do you ever catch yourself resisting? Refusing to accept your reality? Preventing the flow of energy?

Some may say resistance is a sign to turn the other way. My thoughts? I say hellllll-nooo! Resistance is a cue to persevere. Resistance means you’re on the brink of something really, really amazing and now is the time to pick up momentum! Resistance is a gift and as you train yourself to recognize it’s importance, it’ll lead you and guide you to your infinite potential.

With resistance comes acceptance. Acceptance of where you are, why you are, what you are, and who you are in this very moment. It’s about loving yourself unconditionally despite where you think you should be right now. It’s about taking ownership for your actions (and inaction) that have led you to this very place in time and space.

When you accept all facets of yourself in the here and now, you can begin to heal from your past and forge through toward your beautiful future, into a realm of endless possibilities.

Resistance appears when you’re on the edge of your ‘known zone.’ When your ego-driven mind tries to convince you that anything outside of this safe space is, well…unsafe. When this occurs, I invite you to converse with your Ego and assign a name to him/her. Express your appreciation but educate her that now is the time to expand your walls and that you have the power to do so.

The next time you feel yourself experiencing resistance ask yourself, “Why?” What about this situation has you feeling uncomfortable? Are you comparing it to a past experience and expecting the same doubtful outcome? Are you feeding into fear and forecasting an over-exaggerated scenario?

Lastly, remind yourself that your beautiful soul is here to learn and grow through your human experience. You’re meant to evolve. You’re meant to heal and expand your awareness. You’re meant to lead with love and lean into resistance as this is the path of ascension.


Alli MacKenzie is a Lifestyle Liaison, Reiki Master Teacher, Published Author, and Passionate Mompreneur.

She guides and supports beautiful Beings by teaching how to lead with love and manifest results with ease.

Living in Calmar, AB., she offers online Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Reiki Healing Treatments, Reiki Practitioner Training, Wellness Workshops, and Motivational Speaking.

Alli’s been featured on bLU Talks stages, spoken at Harvard University, and a number of other speaking platforms.

She’s recently written a beautiful children’s series which helps you share the message of leading with love, human potential, and interconnectedness with the brilliant little souls in your Life. You can grab your copy here!

She strongly believes in the power of Leading with Love and aspires to create a high vibrational ripple effect, radiating outward to touch the hearts of others.