About Alli

My story began many, many moons ago.  Raised by a hard working single Momma, she taught me to persevere; to always listen to my gut AND my heart. She taught me, that as humans we make mistakes from time to time and with those experiences come lessons. Lessons that help guide us along our specific journey. There WILL be bumps along the way – scratch that – there will be mountains you have to climb!  But the feeling of achievement that fills every cell of your body once you reach the top makes it all absolutely worth it.

Empowerment – that’s what it’s all about.  Personal empowerment delicately wraps all of our hopes & desires, values & goals together with a big beautiful bow. It allows us to make our own decisions when faced with obstacles. It gives us the tools and strength to adapt to the changing situations that life throws at us.  It allows us to find true happiness and honest fulfilment. Fulfilment in line with our authentic self.

What brought me to the practice of Life Coaching?

I’ve always been a strong empath.  A soft hearted introvert with a strong appetite for knowledge.  But my personal journey hasn’t been all roses and sunshine, in fact it’s been a rather bumpy ride.

I wasn’t always raised by a single Mom – my father was in the picture for a number of my early years but his emotionally abusive tendencies helped to manifest some of my most deep rooted demons.  His second act of infidelity was the tipping point for my Mom and that’s when we become a trio unit – my little Sis, my Momma and Me.  

In those moments of parental arguments, name calling, controlling behaviour, narcissistic tendencies; the list really could go on and on, we all thought this was normalcy – it BECAME our “normal”.  Besides, didn’t everyone’s family encounter the same scenarios?  Rigid homework/play schedules, ridicule for overeating, underachieving; hierarchy lectures, and disrespectful comments night and day.

On the outside, I appeared to have it all.  I was quite an athlete – from fastball, to basketball, to a blackbelt in Taekwondo.  My father’s controlling disposition may have instilled a “go get’er” attitude but it was built on a fixed mindset.  I was physically fit, I had wonderful friends, but on the inside I was barely existing – wasting all of my energy on personal judgement.

As the years went on, I experienced many emotionally unstable relationships because this was my “normal.”  I struggled with body image issues, and perfectionism which lead to binge eating, overexercising, and anxiety.  I was a professional “People Pleaser” at work and at home.  But one day, it was as though I walked into a brick wall – I finally realized why all of this was happening.  And it was’t happening TO me, it was happening FOR me.  To teach me that there is more to this Life, that we can overcome any obstacles that come our way, and we are not a product of our past nor is the future to be feared.

At this point in my realization is when my professional journey started to blossom.  I worked towards and achieved my Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma. I loved connecting with clients on a one-on-one level and seeing them truly tap into their inner strength, but something was missing. Clients would ask me, “What should I eat before my workout?” “What should I eat afterwards?” I didn’t have the answers for them and this frustrated me.

Back to school I went. I attained my Applied Nutrition Science Diploma and finally felt confident to give my Clients answers to the questions they’d been asking. A fitness journey really does require both facets to see success. However, there’s still more. So much more. It’s one thing to know what exercises to do and which foods are best to fuel our body but what about our mindset?


As a Certified Life Coach, I’ve researched and learned that there are many tools to assist us in this area.  I’ve implemented them in my own life as well as that of my Clients and THEY WORK!  Major influencers like Carol Dweck and Louise Hay have paved the way by creating proven strategies to implement positive behaviour change. Once you realize that YOU TRULY HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE, amazing things start happening. But wait – there’s more.


Energy Healing.  When we come to the realization that there is something greater than us, transcendence is possible.  Understanding that interconnectedness is always at play and that we have the ability to reach an infinite potential.  Usui Reiki has taught me this, as a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, I will continue to be a student of Reiki and share my knowledge with those who are ready to manifest their life to the next level. Physical healing, chakra balancing, spiritual alignment, higher vibrations, a deeper sense of gratitude, peace and relaxation – these are all associated with the workings of the Universal Life Force – wherever you believe this healing energy comes from.


When I’m coaching a client, creating an online course, channelling Reiki Energy, or facilitating a workshop – all of these elements come to play.  I guide and support beautiful Beings in making purpose-aligned decisions with confidence by uplifting their energetic vibration and shifting their mindset so they can lead with love and manifest results with ease.


Love & Light to You,


Alli M.