I once believed I wasn’t “quite enough.” I learned very early on to be a people-pleaser and an overachiever. I was disconnected from the World yet constantly striving to fit in. Always doing what I thought was best for other people and not really taking care of myself. With my many masks, I was a master at hiding my emotions, my anxiety and depression. And though I did experience success it came at the cost of blurred boundaries, burnout, and constant, tireless effort. I was literally sucking my soul dry.

As an adult these habits began to weigh on me and I reached a peak of internal discomfort shortly after my son was born.

A day that started out like any other quickly spiralled into one I will never forget. I felt like I just couldn’t do it anymore. Our lengthy IVF journey, an instant week-long stay at the NICU when my son was born, sleepless nights, living away from my family, and my depression at an all-time high; I was tired of simply surviving.

Those old voices that always told me I wasn’t good enough were now yelling between my ears. Then, just when I felt like giving up completely, it was as though the Universe turned the lights on for me.

And with this jolt of energy flowing through my body came a Universal download that interrupted that self-sabotaging tape. It communicated:

“You are loved unconditionally, you are love, and you are so absolutely deserving of it, Alli. You have infinite potential and you are infinite potential, now create the life you know you’re deserving of. The picture is so much bigger now! Teach, guide, and love your son so he can do the same. Create a loving ripple effect.” 

The room I stood in suddenly became so vivid and vibrant, I’d never seen the World this way before. It was bright and beautiful and in that moment, I realized how dark my life had really been. I’d been living asleep and finally woke up to my life.

I call this the beginning of my spiritual awakening journey.

My postpartum depression almost killed me but it was also my saving grace. Life’s lessons really are our greatest teachers and it was this life-changing experience that led me to the  World of Reiki and for that I am forever grateful. Reiki helped me hold on to that space of  unconditional love and activate internal healing that I never dreamed as possible.It’s now my mission to help Moms all over the World shift from overwhelm to unconditional love and to experience more joy.

I provide:

  • Intuitive Akasha Readings
  • Intuitive Reiki Therapy
  • Reiki Training/Certification
  • Mentorship & Community

I help you wake up to your life and love yourself every step of the way.