5 Helpful Tips to Practice Positive Self-Talk

Experts have estimated we conjure up ~50000 thoughts a day. I know, my jaw dropped when I first heard that too. The National Science Centre says ~80% of those thoughts are negative in nature. EIGHTY PERCENT! This part invokes feelings of sadness. Firstly, because that’s a staggering amount and secondly because I used to be part of that statistic.

That was before I learned the importance of positive self-talk and how mastering this skill can influence your Life in countless ways.

With the work I do, it involves Hypnolinguistics (reviewing our language patterns) and Cognitive Reflex Conditioning (moving from a place of negative thought patterns and habits to creating new, automatic desired responses). This means aligned-living. Being able to consciously choose the best possible option vs. feeling like you need to react in minimal time and act from a place of emotional turmoil. It’s all about leading with love!

Today I’m sharing 5 simple tips rooted in the methods I’ve mentioned above to help you master your language skills, develop your awareness, and practice positive self-talk daily!

1.Start first thing in the morning.
That early morning visit you have with the mirror? Yeah, we all have it. The timing may differ but the theme is generally the same. We start picking ourselves apart (sigh). Not anymore, Sunshine! From this moment onward, you’re spewing only words of love. Tell yourself how much you LOVE yourself. It may feel weird at first but it will get easier with time, I promise.

2.Remind yourself throughout the day.
Pay attention to when the negative self-talk emerges. Is it around 10 AM when you go for your first coffee break? Is it right before bed when your mind starts swirling with a million different ideas? Create positive reminders in your phone to pop up throughout the day. Come up with words that speak to you and pull you out of the swamps…and into the ocean of opportunity.

3.Create a list of high vibrational words.
One of my mentors, Derrick Sweet, says, “Words create our Worlds.” I believe this with all of my heart. Everything is energy, including the verbiage we use throughout the day. Write down 10 happy, positive words. Now pick one of those words and use it throughout your day. My personal favorite: Manifest!

4.Strengthen your frontal cortex.
The front of our brain manages our attention span, tries to rationalize everything, and houses our willpower. It’s also the part of our brain we use when focusing on an unfamiliar task, it’s called one-pointed attention. The more we practice activities like meditation, Reiki, gardening, and sewing to name a few, we are strengthening our ability to focus for longer periods of time. This focus births self-awareness, gives us the power to widen our perspective, and re-frame our negative thought process. Pick an activity and spend 10 minutes on it every day.

5.Take ownership.
Have you ever said to someone, “You make me upset!” Me! I have! Now, was I correct in saying that? Partly. That statement shows you’re trying to express your feelings but you’re not taking ownership for them, you’re placing the blame on someone else. Whenever you’re trying to express your emotions or identify a feeling, own it! Start every feeling sentence with, “I.” This reignites your personal power source and reminds you how much control you have over your responses and choice in words. Stop giving your power away and start owning it.

“You have been critisizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”
~ Louise Hay


Alli MacKenzie is a Lifestyle Liaison, Reiki Master Teacher, Published Author, and Passionate Mompreneur.

She guides and supports beautiful Beings by teaching how to lead with love and manifest results with ease.

Living in Calmar, AB., she offers online Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Reiki Healing Treatments, Reiki Practitioner Training, Wellness Workshops, and Motivational Speaking.

Alli’s been featured on bLU Talks stages, spoken at Harvard University, and a number of other speaking platforms.

She’s recently written a beautiful children’s series which helps you share the message of leading with love, human potential, and interconnectedness with the brilliant little souls in your Life. You can grab your copy here!

She strongly believes in the power of Leading with Love and aspires to create a high vibrational ripple effect, radiating outward to touch the hearts of others.