3 Reasons We Need to Start Loving Ourselves Today

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  1. The Scale Measures Didly Squat

    I’d like to lose those last 10 pounds. A sentence I’ve heard many times during Client Consultations with the motivation behind it as different and unique as the person saying it. We tend to place all of the success from our efforts on that one piece of equipment, the scale.

    But why do we do this? Why do we give all the power to a bunch of plastic, wires, and batteries? After all, 1 pound of muscle weighs the same as 1 pound of fat. Yes it looks different and takes up less space, but a pound is a pound. Somewhere along the lines we’ve forgotten the basics and what it feels like to be in control.

  1. Marketing is Misrepresenting Body Image

    With the amount of stimulus we’re exposed to on a daily basis, it seems nearly impossible to listen to our own thoughts.

    Did you know, on any given day we’re exposed to roughly 5000 ads, compared to 500 a day back in the 70’s, says Jay Walker-Smith, President of the Yankelovich Marketing Firm. Another stat from the Media’s Effects on Girls: Body Image and Gender Identity, Fact Sheet states that 56% of television commercials aimed at female viewers used beauty as a product appeal.

    Women often compare themselves to those around them. Researcher, Dittrich, L. from “About-Face facts on the MEDIA,” has found that this bad habit leads to lowered satisfaction of one’s own attractiveness. He also noted that the number one wish for girls of the ages 11 – 17 is to be thinner.


  1. Practice Positive Self-Talk

    With distorted body image messages spinning like a movie reel with no end, it’s more important now than ever to remind ourselves how beautiful we are, and that we don’t need to look like the woman on the cover of XYZ Magazine nor is it realistic or sustainable. We can do this by practicing positive self-talk.

    A study completed by the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill’s Steven Rogelberg and colleagues concluded that, of 189 Managers, those who practiced positive self-talk saw themselves as insightful, motivational, and capable of reaching their desired goals.

The Take Away

By accepting ourselves just as we are and minimizing critical comments, we allow our minds to be free, flexible, and open to our own personal journey. This means embracing our past and present, and being open to what the future has to offer. Love yourself for who you are today and if change is on the horizon, be sure to love yourself every step of the way.